The New Digital Ecosystem for Charitable Giving

Accountability, transparency and security to donors and recipients

The Challenge: 1 in 3 Americans Lack Faith and Confidence in Charities

Donors around the world give hundreds of billions of dollars to charities, but frequently have little insight into how their money is spent. Often, there is no mechanism for determining if donor dollars are actually getting to and helping those in need, or if nonprofits are having a real impact on the communities they serve.


The Solution: Authentifi

Authentifi is a social enterprise and crowdfunding platform that connects verified people in need with the donor community, directs all funds to approved service providers and uses blockchain technology to deliver impartial reassurance those services are administered and used as intended. Our platform includes payment processing for cash and cryptocurrencies and an easy-to-use portal for donors, service providers and non-profit organizations, all to ensure transparency of end user impact.

An End-to-End Solution

Recipient Verification
Partner with service providers, non-profits and municipalities to obtain pool of verified individuals in need
Blockchain Transparency
Provide transparency and accountability by capturing cryptocurrency transactions on an immutable ledger
Crowdsourced Need
Recipients vote on their biggest issues, then Authentifi secures service providers to address them and add them to the ecosystem of giving
Direct Impact Donation
Donors pay service providers who credit recipient accounts
Social Impact Auditing
Team of independent auditors enforce accountability and service delivery


Vetted Charitable Marketplace

We collect donor funds and distribute to vetted service providers to ensure the most efficient, direct allocation of donations

Verified Partners and People

We partner with local service providers, non-profits and municipalities who have verified people in need

Blockchain Technology

Ecosystem built on a private blockchain to maintain transparency when tracking donation transactions

Crowdsourcing Causes

Communities, charities, non-profits and service providers can communicate and feature their critical needs

Cash and Crypto Donations

Support donations and processing of both cash and cryptocurrencies

Minimal Fees

Use of the blockchain and cryptocurrency keeps administrative and transaction fees well below the averages

Self-Directed Aid Allocation

Verified recipients select how donations will be distributed across their approved services in the Authentifi marketplace


Nonprofits can easily utilize the Authentifi Platform for their own fundraising efforts


Milestones Accomplished
May 2020
Limited Release
Future Milestones
June 2020
Full Marketing Launch

Authentifi Team

Philip Stewart (CEO)
Philip Stewart
An experienced entrepreneur on a mission to change the face of charitable giving for good
Minnie Shin
Minnie Shin
VP of Impact and Partnerships
An expert in Sustainability Strategy and Development for the nonprofit and private sectors
Sarah Jaffe
Sarah Jaffe
An expert in Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning for nonprofits and social sector organizations
Janet Kasdan
Janet Kasdan
Fractional CTO
Brings software delivery excellence and architectural design strategies to the team
Zachary Chay-Dolan (Blockchain Engineer)
Zachary Chay-Dolan
Blockchain architect
Believes in the power of the blockchain to build organized, self-sustaining communities
Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald
Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald
A recognized expert in cross-sector partnership & capacity building for the nonprofit sector


Kerstin Recker

Kerstin Recker

Working with Authentifi to bring more accountability, security and freedom to charitable giving
Gerald Burnand (advisor)

Gerald Burnand

A seasoned Software Architect, AI Strategic Advisor and Passionate Data Scientist
Aditya Menon

Aditya Menon

Strategic advisor pioneering mobile payments and electronic banking across the developing world
Aparajit Bhandarkar

Aparajit Bhandarkar

Growth strategies and investment plans? Authentifi's financial advisor has his foot on the accelerator
Bryant Eisenbach

Bryant Eisenbach

An Ethereum advocate and a guiding voice in blockchain's ability to help people in need all over the world

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